MIMESIS Suspiration - Silver Ring


 “We only live, only suspire consumed by either fire or fire”        
With over 35grams of recycled sterling silver, Suspiration makes a huge statement about sustainability and design.  Inspired by Jasmine Pradissitto’s sculpture, “Breathe”, this ring runs along the finger and flows down the hand.  Truly unique.

Inspired by ‘Breathe’

Jasmine took inspiration for her sculpture ‘Breathe’ from The Bridge of Sighs in Venice, where she had a solo show in 2012. The bridge is so called because it was used by prisoners as they crossed from the court room, in the Doges Palace, to the dungeons next door. The holes in the bridge of sighs were the last chance they had of seeing the world as they traversed the canal.

The fact that the shapes, (much like the lungs are shaped like trees) mimic the waves in water or the billow of clouds or the the swirl of a petal ties these into the series.


"Some additional images shown are to demonstrate composability of the range only."

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