CAD Design at Hallmark!

By Laura, 12/04/2015 - 11:06

The world of Jewellery Design is constantly changing and updating, and one of the biggest and most important changes of the last few years has been the introduction of CAD Design into the Jewellery Industry. Computer Aided Design is the use of computers to create 3D drawings for production. It has long been used in product design and engineering and has more recently been adopted by the industry, with the simultaneous movement in 3D Printing.

At Hallmark we have always used hand rendered drawings to make a customers’ ideas and designs come to life; passing these from the customers to the Goldsmiths in our workshop, when production begins. They serve as the communication and prediction of what the item will become, giving the customer and the Goldsmiths’ the same source of inspiration, so the item becomes exactly what the customer is looking forward to.

This step toward Computer Aided Design opens a whole new door for our design service at Hallmark. It makes those items, impossible for even our talented Goldsmiths, possible. It means we can chop and change your design in a matter of minutes to create the item in a 3D format before your eyes! It also means that those details and complex 3D designs, can be 3D printed in wax to create an object for you to see! That item is then cast from and finished in our workshop and comes out EXACTLY as you pictured.

A member of our design team has recently been to Birmingham Jewellery School to bring CAD Design to Hallmark, so that we can offer this unique bespoke service to you.


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